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Every effort has been made on this web site
to give truthful and honest information, but Winged Chariot cannot completely guarantee the accuracy of all the information presented on Winged Chariot created web sites.
However we will do our very best to ensure accuracy.

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No-one at Winged Chariot Web Design can be held responsible for the content posted on external sites, linked to Winged Chariot created web sites.  Equally, inclusion of an external site's link, or reference to an external site and/or company/individual/service, is not a recommendation or endorsement of their product(s) and/or service(s).

Remember that caution must be taken when entering into any agreement (of whatever type) as a result of reading a particular advert or posting made on a web site.

We serve the North London area and the Home Counties north of the Thames.

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Privacy Policy and Copyright

Many of the  images and drawings used by Winged Chariot have been created or taken by me. Others have been donated by friends and family.  These are copyright to me.

Occasionally images are acquired from other sources; eg legally from the  Internet, secondhand & junk shops, and so on. Wherever possible I have tried to credit the source of the images if they are not mine, although when dealing with vintage photographs this isn't always possible.

If I have inadvertently featured photos and/or other images that show you, your property, or your family members in some way and you wish to have the image(s) removed from the website, please drop me a line via the Winged Chariot site and I will remove it. This goes for anything else that may have been featured.


The Winged Chariot sites including this one do not use web beacons, and cookies are only used occasionally to enable the stats programme run by Google Analytics, which helps us  monitor the popularity of pages, and provides basic information about visits to the site pages.

External sites that do use these options will have more information about this in their own Terms and Conditions section(s).

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